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The collection contains the working library, office files, press clippings, slides, photographs, Beta and VHS tapes of Cuny and his team.

“He wanted to help people and, coming from a nation whose own strategic interests had so often pushed humanitarian issues into second place, Cuny’s desire to help the poor and the oppressed seemed to be a symbol of the America in which so many people would like to believe”

Robert Fisk, Journalist

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“Fred Cuny adopts an economic approach to wartime famine that is still considered innovative and challenging by field experts. His international fieldwork in both natural and man-made disasters is visionary and his approach to famine pragmatic.”

from “Famine, Conflict, and Response: A Basic Guide”


Everybody that worked with or collaborated with Fred experienced some unforgettable moments.  Here are some of his colleagues’ recollections of their favorite or most memorable examples.

“Fred Cuny spent his life in countries rent by war, famine, and natural disasters, saving many thousands of lives through his innovative and sometimes controversial methods of relief work.”

“The Man Who Tried to Save the World”, Scott Anderson

Fred Cuny’s Influence

Fred Cuny influenced many individuals and organizations.  Here there are some examples of writings of others that reflect the scope of Fred Cuny’s influence.

“What drew me to Fred was that he was somebody who was not involved in this line of work because he wanted to save the world. He was so passionate–at least, in my view–not only because he wanted to make a contribution, but more because he wanted to change the way that the world saved itself.”

Mark Frohardt, Cuny’s friend

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“For years I maintained that a relief worker is ultimately accountable not to the donors but to the refugees. Too many people die because the world doesn’t really care about how relief work is done”

Fred Cuny